Customized Medication Packaging

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Simplify your medicine and simplify your life with SureMed.

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A customized calendar-style system for organizing your pills.

Our convenient pill-pack system can be used to manage your medications, vitamins, supplements or even your daily aspirin. Your doctor wants the prescribed medications to work as well as they can for you.

  • Is SureMed right for you?

    Find out how SureMed can simplify your medicine, and life, by evaluating a few simple statements:

    • I have more than four prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs that I take each day.
    • I have a chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
    • I sometimes forget to take my medication.
    • I spend significant time organizing my prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs.
    • I have been admitted to the hospital because I made a mistake with taking my medication.
    • I depend on a family member or friend to organize my pills for me.

    If you answered yes to one or more statements above, Contact Us to find out more about our customized medication packaging during a personal consultation with an expert pharmacist.

To learn more, download the SureMed™ brochure.